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ClearSmoke Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Kit offers the complete ClearSmoke experience within a stylish presentation box, which doubles as a sturdy storage case for your accessories. The kit contains all the ClearSmoke essentials you need to get started, including:

  • 4x Tobacco Flavour e-Cig Refills
  • 2x Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Mains Charger
  • USB Charging Cable



Regular Price: £59.95


What our customers say
ClearSmoke happy customers
Day 4 as a NON Smoker just about over and I am feeling great, no problems at all :)) Clearsmoke is the greatest product ever :)))))
- Jan W., Hertfordshire
ClearSmoke happy customers
I have been a very heavy smoker for 25 years and this is the best thing, loving mine, every smoker should try this out!!!!!! Hxx
- Heather K., Facebook fan
ClearSmoke happy customers
Had my last real cigarette 5 days ago and I can honestly say I am not missing them. These are so close to real cigs they really do the job of replacing them. For the first time... in 10 years of trying to give up I actually think I have done it. Thanks ClearSmoke. :-)
- Lisa Q., Facebook fan
ClearSmoke happy customers
Received my kit yesterday. After doing the deep charge, I had my first e-cig! Verrrry surprised at how realistic it tastes! Been really happy with it and have even shared it with a friend today who wants to give up smoking, who was also impressed!
- Sheena R., Kiveton Park
ClearSmoke happy customers
I have officially passed the 2 week point since having a tobacco cigarette. These e-cigs are amazing! Apart from the smell of a burning cigarette, I haven't missed regular cigarettes at all. Fantastic!
- Ollie S., Treforest
ClearSmoke happy customers
Just over 2 weeks since i got my first E-cig and have found it fantastic, still going strong i know it's only 2 weeks but i feel good about it !
- Lou W., Bristol
ClearSmoke happy customers
Just tried clearsmoke for first time at 1630 this afternoon- 6 hours later and still smiling, no smelly fag yet. Early days i realise but hopeful and very impressed!
- Hayley E., Facebook fan
ClearSmoke happy customers
Got me kit today, it's good & early days i know but i think this product may just be the thing i need to give up after 37 years ! fingers crossed !!
- Tony C., Runcorn

ClearSmoke At a Glance

No harmful Chemicals No Harmful Chemicals
Traditional cigarettes contain tar, ash and over 4,000 chemicals. All of these substances are a danger to your health and have been linked to the development of various illnesses including cancer.
Big cost savings Big Cost Savings
Save as much as 85% on cigarettes when you switch to ClearSmoke. Each e-cig refill is the equivalent of approximately 36 cigarettes!
No more restrictions No More Restrictions
You can enjoy ClearSmoke safely indoors, everywhere from pubs and bars to the office and shopping centres, because it's flame-free, tobacco-free and emits no second-hand smoke!
Happy customers Happy Customers
We love our customers and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. With millions of UK customers and thousands of fans on Facebook, we think we're doing something right!

Inside ClearSmoke

The ClearSmoke electronic cigarette is a battery-powered, non-flammable device which provides smokers with inhaled doses of a vapourised nicotine solution.

How electronic cigarettes work

Although the e-cigarette itself doesn't give off any smoke (there is no lit flame), users exhale a water vapour which looks like a stream of regular smoke but isn't dangerous or irritating to others.

When inhaled, the vapour provides a physical sensation similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. ClearSmoke electronic cigarettes contain absolutely NO tobacco, NO tar and NO second-hand smoke.

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