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ClearSmoke Premium Starter Kit

ClearSmoke Premium
Starter Kit

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All-Natural Lung Cleanser


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Philippa Gallacher, United Kingdom

I was offered a starter kit as one of the choices for a free gift for something and I decided that I would select it and give it a try. I was so surprised that it actually looks like a cigarette. I charged it up and tried it and it wasn't too bad almost like smoking an ordinary cigarette. I have given up smoking now for 4 months and during that time I have used the clear smoke cigarette once in a while, I don't need to smoke and when I feel the need a couple of puffs on my clear smoke and I am fine. I hasten to add that my husband and kids still smoke but I don't even have the craving then. I feel better and my savings for my trip to Australia is growing as I put what I would have spent on a packet of 20 in that! So a win win situation, if you doubt these try them and they are so slim unlike a lot of the others that I have seen on the market.


Manoj Marathe, London

I bought starter kit but in few weeks time I saw the results, I don't smell and I can smoke in my lunch hour, no need to go outside specially when it's raining or cold.very good stuff but on the top it's not harmful.


William McArthur, Dunfermline Scotland

After all these years of smoking (50 odd) I am now 2 weeks ciggie free thanks to ClearSmoke I ordered the free offer more out of curiosity than anything else and glad I did NO COUGHING and breathing easier and I don't miss the normal ciggies this is making life a lot easier the wife is happier with me not smoking says no more foul stale ciggie smell so thanks clearsmoke will let you know how I am getting later on.


Andrew Adderton, Skegness

Considered ecigs for awhile. Worried I wouldn't get the 'kick' like real ones. Feeding the nicotine craving is simple with patches, gum, sprays etc; but that 'kick'is key. Took the plunge and yes, very much the 'kick' I wanted. Works atreat.


ken , telford

I have been using Clearsmoke's e-cigarettes for a week now and they're great. Ordered the mint and cherry flavour cartridges for a change and I've noticed already that I don't need or want a proper cigarette as often. Would recommend to every smoker as a substitute or an aid to stopping smoking.


Judi Escott, Skegness

I sent for the trial pack of Clear Smoke to try, I really only wanted to cut down which I did going from 30 per day to 5, I then thought could I stop cigarettes altogether, I am now on day 3 cigarette free and it's so easy with Clear Smoke so thank-you. Judi Escott

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